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The Reflex is a quality crafted spear-pole made from titanium, the strongest metal known to man. Not only is the Reflex strong, but it is very light weight, weighing in at an astonishing 25 ounces. For travel and storage the Reflex breaks down into four sections, and stores neatly in its own travel case. This unit easily fits into your luggage or dive bag making the Reflex the perfect spear-pole ready for world wide travel. Why a spear you may ask? The answer is simple-ease reliability and strength, plus some areas in the world only allow spear-pole hunting.

The free spinning tip is custom made, acting like a bearing. The extra long wings that lock into place and open and spread on contact are self-loading meaning there is no rubber to force them apart or wear out! These long wings are especially helpful when hunting large game fish like halibut! These extra long wings allow a large fish to fight and spin without the unfortunate loss of game that can happen with other pole spears. The tips are also interchangeable.


The Reflex reloads much faster and easier than a spear gun, giving you more hunting time. With no trigger mechanism to foul or misfire the Reflex is simple, fast, strong and very efficient! Let's take a closer look.

The Reflex is finely crafted using aircraft quality titanium tubing. The components are made with precision threading using CNC machining for precise control and fit. The overall dimension is 84 inches, the three shaft sections are 24inches each for a total of 72 inches, plus a custom made 12 inch tip section for an overall length of 84 inches. The end caps are welded making an air tight seal, helping make the Reflex more naturally buoyant whil reducing diver fatigue.

Remember when it comes to big game spear-pole hunting, dont settle for second best. Demand your Reflex today, the best spear-pole available, and enjoy a lifetime of spear fishing